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How to Pickpocket a Jackalope

How to Pickpocket a Jackalope

Aug 31, 2016


Years ago I was making weekly trips from Reno to San Francisco looking for a job in hopes to move there. Instead, I moved to Austin and then Las Vegas. It’s this whole thing. Nonetheless, I couldn’t wait to be back in the Bay Area. This would also be the first time I had a DSLR with me while I was there so I decided to use this trip as a test run for a travel blog/photo essay series. 

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Most of my flights are early in the morning. So I’m normally out the door by 4:30am. Going to McCarran in the afternoon was a welcome change. Unfortunately, a later arrival meant less time for photos and activities on the first day.



I lucked out and got three seats to myself. A godsend for tall people.



San Francisco International Airport was strangely quiet when I arrived.



After getting off the BART at Powell St. Station, I headed towards Japantown.



Japantown closes fairly early, so I had just enough time to window shop at Kinokuniya and buy some snacks at Nijiya Market.



For dinner, I ordered the Evil Princess (red curry with prawns, spinach, and napa cabbage) at Jitalda.  The moderate kick of the spice nicely complemented the sweetness of the coconut sticky rice. To drink, I ordered a Singha which was nothing to write home about. Thai beers have yet to wow me.



Next, I stopped by Jackalope for their eponymous cocktail which was delicious. 

Sidenote: despite formerly being a regular at the Jackalope in Austin (no relation), I still can never spell the word right the first time.



After getting into Oakland via Muni, I discovered some of the local nightlife including Diving Dog Brewhouse, Dogwood, and my first experience being pickpocketed (unsuccessfully). Oakland, you so crazy.



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