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Weaponized Miming and Voodoo Burgers

Weaponized Miming and Voodoo Burgers

Jan 21, 2018


Last night, I dreamt that I was doing recon in preparation for a heist at a hotel. My attention was soon diverted to the task of installing a toilet in the back of the getaway car. Suddenly, the gang’s cat went running out of the car and into a nearby field to save a child from the clutches of a tiger. The tiger wasn’t intimidated by the cat so I stepped in to try and scare off the tiger by miming. It was no use, so I lunged at the tiger’s throat in order to bite through its jugular. As I did so, I awakened with my face buried in a pillow.

This morning was my last in Dallas for the next couple of months. I wasn’t ever really in a creative mood and a cold snap kept me indoors for the most part so I’ll wait until a future visit to take photographs and such. Instead, I spent my time enjoying the local food, beer and art scenes with my cousin.


He's a true gentleman and a scholar













After much deliberation and procrasition over the past few weeks, I’ve revised my previous plan to use Orlando as a home base. Flying back and forth seemed inefficient and uninteresting. So the current plan is to travel between cities (focusing on state capitals) via Greyhound. I’ll travel on the weekends and spend one week in each city. I’m still deciding on cities and order but I’ll basically make a clockwise loop across the south finishing up in New Orleans in early March.

First up is Little Rock, AR which I spent the majority of today traveling to. 

After arriving, I checked into HI Little Rock Firehouse Hostel & Museum which as the name suggests is an old converted fire station. I’ll do a full tour of the hostel sometime this week. For dinner, I went down to Stickyz Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicken Shack and tried their Voodoo burger. 




My first impressions of the city are mixed. It’s unusually quiet and empty particularly when compared to the constant buzz of Las Vegas or Tokyo (which has 10x the population density of Little Rock). Most bars and restaurants seem to close by 9pm but this may just be a Sunday thing. So the night life is rather low energy. That said, there are many promising bars and restaurants as well as museums and galleries so I shouldn’t be wanting for activities during the day.

This is the first time I’ve stayed in a hostel that doesn’t have curtains around the bed. While the level of security is the same, it’ll be strange not having the same level of privacy. Fortunately, there aren’t many people in my hostel tonight. The only other guy in my dorm is a volunteer employee here.

So overall not a particularly eventful day but at least it was a fairly straightforward start to this next bizarre little chapter of my life.

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