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Shrimp Pizza, Southern Folklore, and MLK

Shrimp Pizza, Southern Folklore, and MLK

Jan 31, 2018


I started the day at the Brooks Museum of Art which is free for 10 hours each Wednesday.



For lunch, I went to Boscos and tried their Jerked Shrimp Pizza. 





After lunch, I visited the Center for Southern Folklore. Actually, first I visited the gift shop (not pictured) which I mistook for the entire museum.



Next I went over to the Civil Rights Museum which was formerly the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Half-way through my visit, something came up for work so I ended up sitting down for a bit at a replica soda counter in an exhibit about the Sit-Ins. It was surreal to be working across from statues while in the background footage of the actual events (slurs and all) played on a loop.

The final exhibit was a recreation of MLK’s hotel room and out a window, you could see the balcony where he was standing when it happened. King’s last words were reportedly asking for the song “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” to be played at an event he’d planned to attend later that day. The song was played throughout the exhibit.



To round out the afternoon, I headed to Ghost River Brewing for a flight.






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