edward palmquist




I was born in Reno, NV in 1990. On average, I’ve moved once every year since then including to Austin, TX and into an old school in rural Illinois. This instilled a primal minimalism in me as I’ve repeatedly given up belongings and started from scratch. 

My constant change of scenery and need for few things has recently sparked an interest in traveling as often and as lightly as possible. I hope to encounter many new people and experiences from which to expand my worldview and body of work.



web development

Upon finishing high school in 2009, I started doing freelance development full-time.
In collaboration with award-winning design studios, I’ve worked on 200+ projects
for businesses ranging from small brick & mortar shops to large multinationals.



I’m self-taught and have been taking photos since 2009. I’m intrigued by the temporary and unfamiliar – how all people and things seem to exist alone in their own tiny universes.

My two biggest influences would probably be David Sylvian and Daido Moriyama.