edward palmquist




The world is full of countless shapes. Each person is but a series of lines, their experiences nothing more than points coordinates plotted on this graph labled life. Every decision can lead us into a new direction but even then the path is predetermined. It is not our actions but rather their consequences that are certain. The only true means of distinction is to distance yourself as far as possible from the origin. Direction is irrelevant. After all, standards of correctness are nothing more than someone recognizing more lines moving in a certain direction. These lines like to join up, to feel more complete one would assume. By joining together, they create larger shapes houses, banks, brothels, schools, prisons… Overall, the shapes give the world a sense of order, each line reduced to a segment of a larger whole. But no matter how many connections we make we must not lose sight of our identity or purpose which is to keep moving and see how far we can go.

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