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Distinctive Guitars, Sculpture Gardens and Boudin

Distinctive Guitars, Sculpture Gardens and Boudin

Jan 22, 2018


My first night’s sleep at this hostel took a bit of an adjustment. I tend to sleep with my eyes partly open so I’m sensitive to light. There are two exit signs in the room so there was a constant red glow. There was also a cold front that arrived overnight which kicked up the wind a bit and promised a less temperate day today.

Since I’m budgeting for the long haul, I tried to focus on free attractions today. Fortunately, Little Rock has quite a few of them.

I started off with the Old State House Museum. The building had been repurposed several times over the years. So the initial architecture & politics focused exhibits quickly gave way to ancient relics and scientific oddities. At the end, there was a special exhibit about Ed Stilley who designed and built 200 unique guitars and other string instruments of varying shapes and complexity.



Then I headed to the Historic Arkansas Museum. They had a few exhibits featuring locally made arts and crafts in a variety of mediums as well as a separate exhibit detailing the past and present of the Native American tribes in the area.



Before I had left in the morning, the hostel manager had mentioned a sculpture garden near the river so I headed there next. I was really impressed with the quantity and variety of pieces.



For lunch, I went to the Rebel Kettle brewery and had their boudin. It didn’t photograph too well but it was amazing. Basically a bowl of ground sausage that you put on crackers along with some mustard. I also tried their Working Glass Hero blonde ale which was nice and smooth. They gave me samples of a few more fruity beers which were good but not really my style.





Dinner was a bit of a mixed bag. I’d originally planned on eating in tonight as I have some leftover groceries from Dallas. At the last minute I decided to save those for days that I’m too busy to eat out. I’m also trying to get back into the habit of walking 7+ miles each day (I came close today with 6).

So I decided head over to Dugan’s Pub which I’d passed by on my way into town. I wasn’t that hungry and wasn’t craving anything in particular. After decided for a while, I just instinctively said Fish & Chips when the waitress asked for my order.




It was more food that I wanted (and I probably should’ve had more veggies today), and the quality of the two main components wasn’t great. The coleslaw was the saving grace which is odd considering I’m not much of a coleslaw guy. I might need to swing by again just to get a larger portion of that.

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