Asleep and Undisturbed

Originally Written in 2008

Sunlight brings a sour end
to a seemingly non-existent sleep.
I blindly reach out towards my bedside table
seeking my glasses
for what is life without clarity?
A blur.
My wrist brushes against something
metallic and cold.
I flinch at the touch
not yet prepared for such stimulation.
By my clumsiness I knock the object over
a metallic cry as it hits the floor
a plea to be returned to its proper place.
I reach down to pick it up
a photo of fireworks
illuminating the night sky.
Below, though not pictured,
I can still picture the two of us
our blanket spread out to enjoy the show
and me kissing you
savoring the sheer unoriginality of it all.
The picture is difficult to see without my glasses
must be around here somewhere
instead I now struggle to make it all out
a blur of stale colors
smeared across a canvas
which like myself would like nothing more than to remain
asleep and undisturbed.
These mornings are always the worst
but at least signal the end of yet another night.
As I replace the fallen picture
I notice a faint glint
at last the elusive spectacles make themselves known.
I blink a few times as my eyes adjust to the accuracy
that only man’s pursuit
of denying nature can craft.
I see enough now to understand
that it was never my right to do so.