To the End

Originally Written in 2007

Dusting off these mementos of the past,
I’m beginning to take heed of the warnings.
The mistakes I made back then
will help me build a better future.
I’ve promised myself I’ll do things right
this time…
Even as the memories continue to flit about
I can now clearly see
to the distance..
to the end…
For as much as I hate to say it,
this love too shall end eventually.
Although this love for you is
all I live for now
I realize that our paths are divergent.
We can’t help it
but neither of us can lose sight of our dreams.
But this time it will be different…
There will be no bitterness
There will be no regrets
and there will be no attempt to fix it.
For nothing will need to be fixed,
as the final result will be what we both wanted all along.
And… this time…
Without the burden of self-defeating silence
Without the question of what could have been
Without the challenge of having to piece it all together
I can dedicate my all
my being
to keeping the promise
that I made to you in the beginning
that I’ll fight for in the middle
and will hold tightly…
to the end.