The Circuit is Completed

Originally Written in 2008

The metal is cold against my skin
Above me, a light exposes
my flesh with ultraviolet scrutiny.
Around me, others are watching
their gaze unavoidable.
As if in a dream
I too am watching from the sidelines.
My hands and feet are of no use
these restraints unbreakable.
This place teases at a distant memory
surroundings so completely new
yet a feeling unnervingly familiar.
A message is soothingly whispered.
Momentarily I am enraptured by
the sensation of warm breath.
Fleeting pleasure is cut short
An unexpected sound from above.
Slowly, as if born from the very light itself
a device begins to descend.
Chirping a mechanical song
it’s coming closer.
With terrible clarity it becomes
my everything.
All else is but a haze
lost in the tunnel vision of the moment.
And suddenly this all seems right.
Only inches away, I tremble in anticipation.
This is what it has all been leading up to!
These last 17 years were but a prelude
to a story that only the greatest of minds
could piece together.
How fortunate I am to be a part of
Such a beautiful masterpiece.
At last! As flesh and metal become one
The circuit is completed.
As my pulse builds to a magnificent crescendo
I cry out in unparalleled elation.
And then…