The Corners of Your Mouth

Originally Written in 2008

I saw you driving by yesterday.
Through the distortion of the window
it was difficult to make out your face.
Yet I knew it was yours all the same.
Your head was held high as if
you knew I was watching.
The corners of your mouth were pinned back
as if unsure whether to smile or frown.
Society had encouraged the former
…I had given reason for the latter.
I wondered if you had already moved on.
Perhaps you had already found a new lover.
Have you already forgotten
the feel of my touch?
I know it will take many more
sleepless nights in order to forget
your hands
your eyes
your neck which you exposed
in an attempt to appease my desperate hunger.
Long gone are our nights together
yet I still can feel the weight
of you in my arms as we
sat and watched the river flow.
In the steady flow of traffic
you turned to me as if aware all along
and you smiled your perfunctory smile
as did I.